Leading the industry since 1998, Ladamax combines unique design with high-quality, cutting-edge materials to create a range of unparalleled products that ensure our customers make it home safely each night.

Proudly Australian-owned made and produced using only premium products, the Ladamax team is dedicated to creating a safe, productive workplace for both our Australian and International markets. Years of research, design and manufacturing have culminated in a comprehensive range of aluminium and non-conductive fibreglass ladders that are ideal for companies, contractors and professionals who want only the safest, premium products in their workplace. Featuring a range of durable, lightweight and tradie-preferred products, Ladamax is the first and only choice when it comes to ladders.

Currently owned by Glen Bailey, previously MD of Bailey Ladders Company, Ladamax was established as a way to improve the industry and provide users with an alternative to the ‘imported products’ on the market, whilst also establishing and maintaining a quality standard second to none in Australia and Asia.

After selling the Bailey family ladder business to Hills Industries in 1990, Glen went on to work as a consultant for equity capital companies and completed a year as the General Manager of the Austral Denning Company before deciding he wanted to run his own business, leading to the birth of Ladamax, a viable alternative in the Australian ladder industry.

Ladamax is unique in that we are not a high-volume producer. We don’t currently sell to mass merchants such as ‘Bunnings Warehouse’ or other hardware groups. Instead, our customers are industrial companies, contractors and professionals who require assured safety while at work.

In Australia, there are far too many fatalities and injuries sustained due to working from heights. Whilst these can never be 100% prevented, Ladamax has spent years researching, designing and manufacturing products that radically reduce the risk of workplace accidents and incidents when working on ladders. As a result our many unique and cutting-edge safety designs and features setting us apart from our competitors.

Throughout our 20+ years in business, Ladamax has revolutionised the industry with our unique designs, high-end products, superior quality and continued dedication to the safety of our users. During this time, we are proud to say we have had zero claims on ALL our products, with no ladders produced by us having never been the cause of an accident.

With nearly two decades of trading under our belt, Ladamax has firmly established itself as a leader in the industry, boasting a number of Australia’s leading industrial companies, mining, oil and gas companies, and electrical instrumentation companies as our clients. Not only do we service the local Australian market, but we’ve also branched out internationally, with our Ladamax products having been exported to the likes of Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia with great success.

For those seeking the ultimate in height safety,
look no further than Ladamax!


Ladamax is proudly home to one of the most comprehensive safety ladders on the market. Our products are durable, lightweight and tradie preferred, intentionally designed for companies, contractors and professionals seeking the ultimate in height safety. Our ladders are all Australian owned, made and produced, making use of premium Australian products and craftsmanship.

Ladamax - Platform Step Ladders, Scaffold Ladders, Extension Ladders

One thing that sets us apart from our competitors is without a doubt the innovative safety features we have implemented across our products. These include our signature design, ‘Swagelock’, as well as our failsafe Platform design (with 3 lines of extra safety), plated feet, Gusset Gutz and Strongbow bracing system + many more. When combined, these safety features ensure Ladamax ladders are a cut above the rest, with our products and safety features unparalleled by any other brand on the market.

As per the AS 1892 safety standards, all of our products meet the 150+kg (375lbs) load test, but exceptionally our Platform Range and Warehouse Stockmate Warehouse Range of products have been tested by our in-house manufacturing team and proven to hold up to 500kg (1100lb) without warping or bending. Truly the strongest ladders on the market today.

Our products are currently available in Aluminiumand  Fibreglass and include Single Sided Step Ladders and Double Sided Step Ladders, Platform Step Ladders, Dual-Purpose Ladders, Extension Ladders, Scaffold Ladders, Erector-Scaffold Ladders and our mobile Warehouse Stockmate Range. Customisation of our products is also available, with the choice to add Safety Gates, Handrails, Mobility Castor Kit and Platform Kickboards as needed.

When it comes to height safety,
Ladamax is the first and only choice.